Best Dressed at the BET Awards – Prints, Patterns and Plenty of Color

I was on vacation last week and I got lazy.  I feel like I missed A LOT but I’m excited to jump in with the BET Awards.

Janelle Monae in Nicolas Jebran

This is how you show your love for Pride month! I feel like this is only the 2nd time I’ve seen Ms. Monae in a look that wasn’t predominantly black and white (the first time being the red Siriano suit she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars after party this year).  The only black in this is the hat, which feels superfluous but also like she HAD to have some black in her outfit.  The skirt is seriously gorgeous and reminds me a lot of both old school Siriano and some of the skirts he showed for his Resort 2019 collection.  The bust has me a little perplexed because it looks like mesh corset on top of satin bra from the VS semi-annual sale (they only ever mark down wacky colors like forest green!) but this is still one of the best and most interesting looks of the night.

Yvonne Orji in Washington Roberts

This is really cool on her.  I like that she mixed textures playing the patent shoes off the crackled patent shoulder and the velvet.  I’ll never fully understand why so many people insist on wearing such heavy fabrics in high summer but this is from the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection and I know everybody’s always gotta have the freshest looks so fine.


I don’t know who this person is or why she is actually there, but if it’s to stand in for a very pregnant Cardi B then she’s doing a great job. This is actually a formal sweater dress and a very unusual hue for the red carpet but God damn it she looks good.

storm reid in reem acra
Storm Reid in Reem Acra

OMG this is so cute on her.  I don’t think Reem Acra is in the business of making Tween formal wear, but maybe they should be??? This is all of the following: fun, age appropriate, occasion appropriate, polished.

regina hall in DVF amandla stenberg in miu miu
Regina Hall in DVF and Amandla Stenberg in Miu Miu

So the first picture I saw of Amandla’s dress she was standing solo and I kind of felt like the fabric looked a little cheap and like it couldn’t make up it’s mind if it was metallic yellow or gold (YES there IS a difference!) but seeing her next to Regina Hall, I actually really like it.  They presented together, so I’d like to imagine that they made their stylists work together to pull together a really cohesive story for their presenting duties.  Also this picture does not do Amandla’s hair justice:

amandla sternberg hair by vernon francois

Got this from the Instagram of her hair stylist, Vernon Francois’.  So cool.  I wish she’d turned her head a little bit on the red carpet to get the full effect.

Keyshia Ka’oir Davis in a custom dress

I don’t fully understand why I like this.  The unfinished ruffles and summertime mock neck bother me, but as a total package, I just think she looks fantastic.

gabrielle dennis in mark zunino
Gabrielle Dennis in Mark Zunino

Gorgeous color and shine.  The shoulder pads and caucasian flesh colored mesh are giving me a tiny bit of agita, but she looks so stinking good that I’m trying to ignore it. Also, props on going with contrasting color clutch.  2018 brought back dye-to-match clutches from the 90s so I appreciate that she chose an unconventional color.

erica ash in khosla jani
Erica Ash in Khosla Jani

This is both busy and amazing.  Her stylist kept the accessories/shoes simple but not boring.  This is how you serve a lewk.

annie ilonzeh
Annie Ilonzeh

The pants are just a hair too tight and I don’t think the jacket needs that weird broach.  But the color is gorgeous on her, the casual way she draped the jacket off one shoulder is perfect and the shoes are dope.

Amber-Rose-in bryan hearns and tom ford shoes
Amber Rose in Bryan Hearns

It’s like Jessica Rabbit flipped the script on her signature colors.  Sometimes I don’t recognize Amber with hair and I am partial to the bald head because she has an amazing face, but this hair choice was all part of the look. She looks really sexy and the color is divine.  Again, she chose velvet in JUNE, but I feel like I’m seeing it so often lately that I really need to choose to not die on that hill.

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