Best Dressed at the BET Awards – Black, White and Metallic

serayah mcneil in alice mccall
Serayah in Alice McCall

That skirt is ridiculous. It’s like origami made from the crepe you hang at childrens’ birthday parties but in gold. I may even hate this skirt.  But I also kind of think the whole thing is pretty great on her.  I’m not sure if it’s because I think this is exactly what Tiana would wear to the BET Awards on Empire or what, but I dig it.

remy ma in Karen Sabag
Remy Ma in Karen Sabag

I would never think to put her in something this understated.  Remy Ma, to me, is the kind of artist you would put in Balmain or Alexandre Vautier but this is absolutely fantastic on her.  It kind of feels like some of the Carolina Herrera dresses I’ve been seeing on other red carpets lately.  I appreciate the pops of red.  Maybe would have avoided the patent pumps though.

lil mama
Lil Mama

Still “lil” but this is big time sexy on her.

k michelle
K. Michelle

The matching hair wrap is too much and I wish her wranglers had adjusted the lining so it wasn’t bunching, but at least it actually IS lined.  I think this is the first red carpet in months in which someone didn’t show off their lady briefs and I’m ecstatic. Anywho, this reminds me of Bob Mackie (I have no idea who makes this) and I like it on her.

debra lee in givenchy
Debra Lee in Givenchy

Gorgeous.  I wish the black bust panels weren’t such severe points, but this is understated and pretty.

cassie in mikal sky
Cassie in Michalsky

This looks REALLY uncomfortable on her Ta Tas and the skirt is cray, but it’s also REALLY fun and shiny and the look on her face says “This dress may be pinchie but I look goooood!”

Blac Chyna in Laurel DeWitt

I absolutely LOATHE Blac Chyna so I already regret this post.  I don’t think there has ever been a more unlikable person on TV and I’ve watched every season of Jersey Shore AND the Kardashians so I KNOW unlikable … but putting aside my hatred for this person I have never/will ever meet, I can say that this was one of the most interesting choices of the night.  Laurel DeWitt specializes in metal worked apparel accessories and somehow this look is actually bringing some much needed fashion fierceness to Chyna.  The sleeves are too long but that feels deliberate.  Clearly a lot of hard work went into this look and it paid off.  I hope I get to see more Laurel DeWitt in the future, but on people I can actually stand.

P.S. Those plastic shoes are lazy AF!  This look deserves way better. It’s like Chyna went into the back of her closet, saw these from back in her “King of Diamonds” days and was like “Yeah, dis shit works.”

So when I first saw this I thought, “Normani, I saw your performance at the Billboard Awards…. You are about to be a very big star. This is not the time to mail it in.”  But then everybody on Insta posted her pic next to this pic of Mariah Carey from 1997 (MiMi is such a hot mess now that it’s easy to forget how hot she used to be) and I got it.  Normani’s homage is almost so blatant it’s as if she is trying to hit us over the head with her message, “I want to be the next Mariah”.  I want you to be the next Mariah too.  Let’s just try to be better than Mariah in the fashion department though.

elise neal in michael costello
Elise Neal in Michael Costello

This woman is 52 Years Old. *Mic Drop*


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