Best Dressed at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

MTV Awards red carpets change the rules when it comes to fashion critiques.  Looks that would otherwise be too weird or wild or casual, get a chance to shine at unconventional award shows like these.

Tiffany Haddish in Galia Lahav

Tiffany knew that this night was all about her and definitely seized the opportunity to shine, literally.  This is fantastic on her.  Appropriately dramatic but fun.  She’s been working with one of the most sought after stylists right now, Law Roach.  I think what makes him so great is that no Law Roach styled look is the same.  It’s easy to say, “Oh that styling is impeccable and so appropriate for {insert celebrity name here}, it’s probably Law Roach”.  But it’s impossible to say “That looks like Law Roach’s styling.”  I’m not sure I’m articulating what I’m trying to say but the next look was also styled by Law Roach…

Zendaya in August Getty

Holy F-ing Shit this is good on her. She looks like a fancy chocolate mold and she was, hands down, the best dressed of the night. If this look was on, literally, any other person, it would be on the top of every worst-dressed list.  Like, if Taylor Swift showed up in this, we’d all be like “Go home, Tay. You’re drunk.” But this is what you get when you cross a star who’s willing and able to push the envelope and a stylist who knows how to select the right look for the right person.  This is COMPLETELY different than Tiffany’s red carpet look but both are amazing, and that’s what makes Law Roach the best.

Olivia Munn in Galvan

A look so good it needs two pictures.  She has not missed a style step in recent weeks.  Jessica Paster has really been nailing it with her.  I’m always skeptical of velvet in spring/summer months, but the color is gorgeous and the silhouette is casual enough for an MTV Award show but dressy enough for a red carpet.  Shout out to OM’s side boob and deep v for bringing the sex with out trying too hard.

Best Suiting/Suit Inspiration

Yara Shahidi in Tory Burch

She’s like a chic updated 80’s Whitney.  I definitely misunderstood the pants at first glance, but this suit has to be viewed as a full package.  It would have been easy to make the shoulders stronger to play up the 80s vibe, but that would have been overkill.  Additionally, Yara cuts a sharp enough shape with her tiny waist that she doesn’t need any help from shoulder pads.  Even the shoes are perfect with this and I’m anti-nude shoe 9 times out of 10.

betty gilpin
Betty Gilpin in Zac Posen

I’m not sure it’s possible for her to look any more miserable to be there, but this is how you promote the 2nd season of your hit show lady! The texture and fit on this suit are great.  I’m not sure pulled back hair is for her (she has great hair and this style is making her look pinched) and those shoes are doing something weird to her feet, but overall a good showing at an awards show she doesn’t have much business being at.

Jasmine Sanders in Alexander Terekhov

She only makes my best dressed list because of this dress. The hair looks like a lazy Meghan Markle homage.  Those mother f-ing skinny glasses are the bane of my existence and I KNOW you will all regret them someday (thank you to Mindy Kaling and Anne Hatahaway for pointing that out on IG).  The matchy matchy shoes are cheesey AF.  But this dress is EVERYTHING.  Sleek hair, no sunglasses and some ruby red sparkly heels (or shiny silver like the one’s Tiffany wore) would have put this look over the top.

Best Sparkle

Mandy Moore in Alberta Ferretti

When you play a wholesome Mom on TV every week AND you spend half your onscreen time in prosthetics and wigs to make you look like you’re in your 60s, it stands to reason you’ll want to dial up the edge a little bit when given the opportunity.  This dress could just as easily been worn by someone like Gigi Hadid, but Mandy brings some sophistication to it.

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2018
Francia Raisa in Sem Sem

Ok, so I went back and forth on whether or not to put this on the best or worst list, but obviously chose best but hear me out.  First, this is styled by Monica Rose, which like, OF COURSE it was. This has Monica Rose written all over it.  She had her time in the sun when she worked with the Ks and she still works with Chrissy Teigen, but I really need her to start working out side of her comfort zone. This jumpsuit looks like a wanna be YSL and that ruffle is pretty ridiculous, but it’s very hard for me to look at this and not think that Francia really looks awesome in it. Her body looks ridiculously good, she’s serving amazing face and she looks really confident.  If there was ever a red carpet when just looking like you’re really happy with your style choice was enough, it’s this one.

Aubrey Plaza in Elisabetta Franchi

She usually tends to go a little dark so this is a nice change for her.  It’s just a tiny bit retro and a tiny bit sweet and I appreciate that the shoes are metallic and not nude. A+

Everybody Else…

Zazie Beetz in Chloe

I love this on HER at THIS awards show.  I feel like it would also be a great look for a luncheon of some sort, but it works in this setting.  My only gripe is that I wish it fit a little better in the waist.

Amandla Stenberg in Louis Vuitton

This is another look that if I saw it on someone else I’d probably hate it, but on HER at THIS event, it’s really working for me.  The red jacket reminds me of Michael Jackson, the skirt is cute, the shoes are to-die-for and I can’t get enough of the mini trunk clutches (though I feel we’re about to jump the shark any day now).

Zendaya in Carolina Herrera


Apparently she changed into this for the actual show/presenting duties, which at first pissed me off.  How do you change out of a dress that cool and fierce?!?!  Then I realized that that candy kiss of a dress was probably impossible to sit in.  This is a much more practical option.  Congrats to Zendaya though on becoming a big enough style star that she can pull off a red carpet look and an “inside the event” look. Beyonce would be proud.

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