Tony Awards 2018 – Embellishments

Sometimes you gotta be extra and rock some embellishments.

tina fey
Tina Fey in Thom Browne

The fabric and the feathers are absolutely divine, but I feel like Tina’s been picking some old lady silhouettes.  Issa Rae wore a similar knee length style with three quarter sleeves and a crew neck, and if I had to pick, I’d pick Issa’s.  That being said this is kind of dramatic for Tina and I’m glad she went a little over the top for her big night.  Super bummed she got shut out though.  As Gretchen Weiners can attest, it sucks being the only one who doesn’t get any candy canes.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington in Atelier Versace

Kerry Washington always toes the line, but she does it SO WELL! Yes it’s a beaded jumpsuit with a train, but she looks phenomenal. There’s so much going on here that she could have gotten away with it not being tailored super well but it’s tailored flawlessly.

cynthia erivo
Cynthia Erivo in Vintage

So much fringe! Kudos to New York vintage for taking such good care of this dress.  Anyone who’s ever shopped at a Forever 21 during music festival season can tell you how easily fringe can get damaged, but this is extremely well preserved and she looks amazing in it.

Denise Gough
Denise Gough in Oscar de la Renta

I couldn’t find a great picture but the back is completely out on this dress.  And there is, but of course, no lining in the skirt.  The buttons on the sleeves feel like overkill but rhinestone ruffles are right up my alley.

Indya Moore
Indya Moore in Altuzarra with Joseph Altuzarra

This color is gorgeous and I would never expect disco style purple paillettes on a floral print like this but the combination really works.  Also, is anyone watching POSE? I had my doubts but it’s so entertaining and Indya Moore is great in it.

Jenna Ushkowitz
Jenna Ushkowitz in Gucci

Never would have guessed this was Gucci as it’s pretty understated but I absolutely love it, even despite the fit issues in the mid section.  Would have skipped the dangly earrings and would have gone with gold strappy sandals instead of plastic pumps though.

LaChanze in Sachin & Babi

LaChanze plays a diva in the Donna Summer musical, so it would have been really easy to go retro but this is modern and gorgeous.  It’s like she took the gown and dipped it in a disco ball for a retro touch.

stephanie styles
Stephanie Styles in Marchesa

This is a little twee but it’s very pretty on her.  Shockingly, Georgina Chapman was able to restrain herself from adding a vine one shoulder strap or some other “too-much” element.

rachel bloom
Rachel Bloom in home-made tee and Galia Lahav skirt

This t-shirt and the story that goes with it are actually pretty cute. Rachel posted on Insta that she wanted a t-shirt of Stephen Sondheim smoking.  Only a true theatre geek would crowd source a custom tee like this. The skirt’s a little creepy, but Rachel came to have fun so who am I to kill her buzz.

lindsey mendez
Lindsay Mendez in Randi Rahm

I don’t know if it’s the back drop or if the color is just perfect for her skin tone, but one would expect this to completely wash her out and it totally doesn’t.  She’s got “Belle of the Ball” vibes in this.

nikki m james
Nikki M James in Loulette Bride

I feel like this is a more grown up/glammed out version of Stephanie Styles’ dress.

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