Tony Awards 2018 – Black and White

Black, white and any combination of the two is always a popular choice, usually because it almost never fails.

laura metcalf
Laurie Metcalf in Christian Siriano

I declare 2018 the year of Laurie Metcalf.  She’s had such a good run both career wise and style wise.  This is so gorgeous in its simplicity and props to her handlers for making sure everything draped correctly on the red carpet creating that contrasting symmetry. It feels a little bit like the top is sliding down her shoulders, but I’m turning a blind eye to it because she looks so fab.

tiffany hadish
Tiffany Haddish in Michael Kors Collection

I cannot even begin to articulate how much I hate paisley, which is why it’s so crazy that I love this.  I can’t tell if it’s two pieces or just one really well tailored jumpsuit, but this is 100% her look.

katherine mcfee
Katherine McFee in Zac Posen

I feel like the embroidery is doing some weird things to her midsection and the bust is doing some weird things to her Ta-Tas but it’s appropriately dramatic for the Tonys and she gets bonus points for not bringing creepy David Foster with her.

amy schumer and chris
Amy Schumer in Brandon Maxwell with new husband, Chris Fischer

I have so many questions. Why do these two look so awkward?  Is she trolling us?  Why is she squinting at the photogs? Why is his arm around her shoulder like they’re teenagers on the way to the 7th grade dance? She likes fine.  She looks like she always does.  Fitted dress, nipped waist, little bit of boob.  This is classic Amy Schumer.

christine baranski
Christine Baranski in Alexandre Vauthier

I’ve been hard pressed to see this designer on the likes of anyone who isn’t a Jenner or Hadid so it’s nice to see that he doesn’t just design for Instagram models under the age of 25. Christine Baranski is so flawless and this is perfect on her.  And OMG those shoes!

grace elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth in Carolina Herrera

In the look book this suit was featured with cropped flares which would have been a completely different look so I’m glad she went with a simpler cut to let the jacket do the talking.  Only someone this thin could pull off hip ornaments.  Those plastic shoes have got to go though.

Suzanne Hylenski

I don’t know who this woman is, but as far as I can tell she’s this man’s date.  Apparently she is some type of healthy living blogger as well.  Anywho… I included this anyway because striped formal wear is almost always a win in my book.

Lauren Ambrose
Lauren Ambrose in Oscar de la Renta

Wow! We’ve come a long way since “Can’t Hardly Wait”, huh, Lauren?

katrina link
Katrina Lenk in Georges Chakra

This is doing some weird things at the bust where I believe there’s a small modesty panel sewn in,  but I really like the beading on the sides and overall she looks great and happy.

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